Snorkel (Anemone)

Very good snorkel.


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Snorkel Activa Dry Purge (Beuchat)
Ergonomic curved snorkel with silicone mouth piece. 
Purge system allowing easy elimination of residual water through a large valve. 
Beuchat dry system on the top. 
The snorkel features a corrugated silicone flex allowing perfect mouth piece positioning.
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Snorkel Dry SN-85 ( IST )
New dry top design with smooth air passage and easy breathing. Equipped with a purge valve that channels water to the side, away from the snorkeller's mask.

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Snorkel Oceo (Beuchat)

Classic J design.
- Smooth large diameter bore for adults.
- Clear soft mouth piece.
- It complies with En 1972 standard
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Snorkel SN 1 ( IST )
The perennial favourite snorkel from IST. It has a purge valve for easy water clearance and a splash guard to minimize the amount of water entering the tube.

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Snorkel ZIP ( Tigullio )
Completely new: the first telescopic snorkel.

Finally, snorkels are no longer a bulky problem.
You can carry it with you, even when you're not using it, but it's always close to hand and ready to use. With one simple gesture, the ZIP tube opens for uses or closes to be replaced in the pocket or hooked to a ring on your BC.

The working principle, which is extremely simple, is based on the special computer-designed conical shape of its various segments. By extracting the first segment, ZIPextends to its full length. Its perfect fit guarantees a constant seal. Its precise curvature around the face and its rectangular shape make the ZIP tube perfectly ergonomic.

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