Fins Full Foot ( Anemone )
Balanced blade and soft, comfortable foot pocket. Vented for easy kicking. Open toe box for quick draining.

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Fins Mundial Competition ( Beuchat )
The mundial free diving long fin is derived by utilizing BEUCHAT extensive experience in the manufacturing of three distinct material fins.

Conceived from a combination of material to realize, flexibility, power, and resistance for optimum performance. The foot cavity is reinforced to transmit power to the blade without any diver discomfort.

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Fins Open Heel (Anemone)
A powerful fin by nature. Its rigid, robust blade is delicately balanced by the special elastic centre membrane, which is designed to channel water backward, giving more speed and power to get on top of the conditions. 
  • The angle of the blade - in relation to the foot pocket - is designed with efficiency in mind. As each stroke begins, the fin provides ample propulsion without straining the muscles. 
  • Rubber grip under foot pocket prevents slipping on deck or similar surfaces 
  • Underside foot pocket drain hole for water drainage.


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Fins Power JET ( Beuchat )
Power Jet

- Flexible blades. Negative zone reduced by > 50%
- Spring effect and Spoon effect
- Lightness and Comfort

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Fins Voyager (Beuchat)

This fin is designed for leasure dives

Full foot pocket fins for leasure dives.

• Dual-material fins with soft channels


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Fins X-Jet Adjustable ( Beuchat )
Designed for Intermediate and new divers

Fins with open foot pockets in dual-materials with channels for recreational diving
              • Concave blade with soft teardrop trailing edge.
              • Elastomer straps and swivel buckles.
Color : Black, Blue, Yellow
Size : S, M/L, XL


Fins X-Jet Full Foot (Beuchat)

This fin is suited for diving and snorkeling

Dual-material fins with channels for recreational diving. Concave blade with soft teardrop trailing edge


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Ocean Legend (Beuchat)
Designed for learning to freedive

Full foot fin two material construction with a long flexible resistant blade, an anatomic comfortable full foot pocket.

Powerjet Full Foot (Beuchat)
Designed for expert scuba diver or regular scuba diver

Powerfulfull foot fin suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling in allconditions. 

  • Flexible vent concept gives full power to negative area without stiffening the blade.
  • Spring effect of blade created by original design of siderails.
  • "Scoop" effect obtained at tip of blade by use of ultra flexible materials and specific design.
  • Close fitting full foot pocket with reinforced kick support giving perfect power transfer from foot to blade.
  • Weight reduced to a minimum due to an original design and the use of extra light and efficient materials.