Regulator VRT 30 ( Beauchat )

For use in temperate waters - Designed for beginners and suited for Dive School use

Regulator specially designed for dives in temperate waters.
Product suitable for dive centers.

- Balanced 2nd stage with adjustable venturi

- Compacity

- Best quality / price offer of the market

- Easy maintenance


- Piston 1st stage with balanced compact 2nd stage

- 1st stage with a 90° connection designed with an adjustable MP seat.

- Piston, valve and spring are the ones of the V3

- Compact 2nd stage with an adjustable venturi

- Best compromise between simple design and performance thanks to the compensate 2nd stage which maintains high breathing performance with low HP . ( 0.83 J/L with 50 bars )

- Does not exist in cold version

- Comply with EN250 standards

- 929g DIN - 1105 g Yoke

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