Regulator Air Trak ( Tigullio )
Simply perfect.

Quality and performance, but above all, simplicity.
If  you're looking for a fundamental, compact, and everready product, the Airtrak is your ideal model of regulator. Designed and created along with the Plus model, it has the same main mechanism and aesthetic quality.

The second stage guarantees unfailing performance, thanks to an internal high-efficiency Venturi vane.

Externally, componente such as the Alutex ring nut and the single-piece-hi-flex scratch-resistant coverplate give it the image of a top-notch product. The Ultra-Spread port removes all exhausted airflows from around your face.

The eXtra Power XP-10 first stage has a balnced diaphragm. Engineered following a Compact in-line design. The surface is treated with the Fine Touch Chrome finish, and comes standard with the Cold Water Proof system to protect against low temperatures.

It's available in an Int version with yoke, or a Din version.
The Airtrak second stage is salso manufactured in an Octopus version with a high-visibility yellow coverplate and a longer hose.


First stage:
XP-10 model, balanced diaphragm
Compact design
Fine Touch Chrome surface treatment Patented Cold Water Proof system, fitted as standard
n 4 LP ports, n 1 HP ports Shock Protection cap

Second stage:
Hi-grip Alutech ring
Ultralight technopolymer construction
Single-piece scratchproof hi-flex coverplate High efficency Ventury-effect system
Ultra Spread exhaust tee for maximum dispersion of air bubbles
Ergonomic mouthpiece in hypoallergenic silicone.

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